The Facility Manager's Handbook

Illustrations, tables and graphs complement this plain language, reader friendly book outlining facility management.

Facility managers are the professionals most responsible for integrating people with their physical environment. As such, facility management is both a people and an environmental issue. The hybrid role of the facility manager as operations manager and compliance officer involves people and productivity, and the costs of managing each. The facility manager must coordinate policies and operations with industry standards and practices, as well as with regulatory mandates.

The Facility Manager’s Handbook is unique in its scope. In addition to the core elements of facility management, this book also presents an emergency response model plan outline. This outline, adaptable to a specific site, can be used to satisfy the basic elements of emergency planning as determined by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Also included in this book is the Safety, Emergency Response and Hazard Communication Planning Program. Designed to assist facility managers in developing programming that is compliant with regulatory mandates, this model allows for equity and consistency in implementing policy.

The Facility Manager’s Handbook focuses upon awareness and practice management. By doing so, it turns the challenges of facility management into opportunities for the facility manager. These opportunities are manifested in an enhanced productivity that are aligned with business operations.

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