Disaster & Recovery Planning: A Guide for Facility Managers, Sixth Edition

A must-have to implement proactive disaster prevention, response and recovery strategies for a facility.

This book speaks to disaster prevention, as well as to “controlling” the effects of a disaster on business operations. Among the topics discussed are: workplace violence; regulatory influences; mitigation strategies; loss prevention and evacuation. Enlisting the media’s assistance in recovery planning is a topic not normally covered in most books. It is covered in this book.

Disaster & Recovery Planning: A Guide For Facility Managers is written from the perspective of prevention. Its purpose is two-fold. First, it focuses upon identifying those factors and issues that create the potential for hazard. Second, it defines the strategies that companies can use to address the issues of disaster response and recovery.

Newly revised and updated, this book addresses the complexities of disaster preparedness and business continuity. Updated with the most current information available, this new edition includes: an overview of natural disasters; a summary of the most current weather events; and new coverage of computer and data protection. Expanded coverage includes cyber-attacks on the private sector, as well as information on managing data privacy.

This book targets facility managers, as well as those other professionals who are charged with the responsibility for designing, installing and maintaining various programs and systems within a company. These professionals include safety compliance officers, risk managers, consultants, engineers, maintenance executives and human resources managers.

Disaster & Recovery Planning: A Guide For Facility Managers can also be used by building owners and their managers. It can guide them in heightening their sensitivity to the issues of prevention, as well as to assist them in meeting their own specific responsibilities for ensuring the safety and well-being of their employees, tenant-occupants or companies.

Disaster and recovery planning is an integral part of a company’s long range plan; it supports business operations while ensuring business continuity–and that is where its significance lies. The effective disaster and recovery plan is of strategic importance to employees, occupants, tenants, other business entities, customers and clients and the community in general.

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