Cyber Terrorism: A Guide for Facility Managers

This book addresses effective strategies to minimize threats from cyberterrorism, mailroom security, bomb threats, and virus attacks.

If facility management is the art of integrating people with their physical environment–and it is–then the science of facility management lies in executing its complexities and challenges.

In its traditional form, facility management involves responsibility for the care and maintenance of a site’s physical property. In its hybrid form, facility management assumes even more complex responsibilities. Included in these responsibilities is determining the processes and modes of operations that will be used to ensure the continuity of critical business operations.

Among the most critical of any business operation is an organization’s information system. The challenge lies in the processing, storage, and transmission of a system’s data and information. With the proliferation of electronically processed information, attention has invariably focused upon the safe maintenance and transmission of a company’s information. The loss and/or destruction of valuable business data is of paramount importance to all companies and organizations. As such, the need for increased safeguards and vigilance to prevent information and data loss has heightened.

This book addresses these issues. It provides a global perspective on the issue of information technology and its vulnerabilities and sensitivities. It defines the various threats to a computer system and outlines strategies to protect a system’s integrity.

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